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A Review of Affiliate buy India phone number list Marketing Courses
A new and exciting buy India phone number list marketing video course has hit the scene called Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz. However there is another course, over a year old, promising to deliver you plenty of affiliate buy India phone number list cash via cell phone marketing called Cell Phone Cash by Mack Michaels, how do these courses compare? I went through the Cell Phone Cash course of Mack Michaels, it was informative but didn't buy India phone number list really give you clear concrete means to start making buy India phone number list money with it. His primary suggestion was driving people to a video or to call-in offers or strategies for generating leads and affiliate commissions.

Leads from cell phone users calling-in would seem a natural fit, but not necessarily practical for all things being marketed, or more so you need a set up to take the calls. There are some offers that one can make affiliate buy India phone number list commissions from leads that call-in to a certain number, and that is great. At the time it wasn't necessarily easy to get qualified for that affiliate network or platform buy India phone number list, and/or there are limited affiliate networks using the call-in offers method.

To sum things up, Michaels' course didn't leave me feeling like I could really easily take buy India phone number list advantage of cell phone marketing AND make money with a SIMPLE method. It was a very informative course that really was worth the money, but it had too buy India phone number list many other pieces I had to put together to try and make it work for me effectively. I did one campaign from his course using a video, but it didn't get me any positive results, but that couldĀ  buy India phone number list have been what I was marketing and the fact that it takes an additional substantive step for the lead to pull up your website link from the typical YouTube video since it'sĀ  buy India phone number list not clickable without using special software.

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